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We help students choose the right path for them

Review student’s present and future academic potential.

Analyze student’s interests, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

Plan and map a higher education strategy.

Identify college and/or university fit and develop a shortlist.

Review specific requirements for each choice.

Advise on standardized testing.

Oversee the university applications process.

Ensure and verify the quality of all application materials.

Brainstorm and help create the personal statement/essay.

Assist, edit and help finalize all required documents.

Help with final selection and college decisions.

Sort through acceptance offers.

Help with final selection and offer counsel for best and final decision.

Scholarship applications (if required).

Liaison with the selected colleges/universities.

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Work with an Independent Education Consultant or…Do It Yourself?

The education landscape is getting wider, more complicated and more expensive. How can a student decide when there is too much information, too many options and too many friends and family eager to offer advice? How can a student cope with competition, peer pressure, bias, time-sensitive applications and schoolwork, all while making the right choice?  


Applying to university should not be stressful. It’s a happy transition for every student eager to finally choose his/her own path. However, finding the best program and the best-fit college or university can be overwhelming. So why not ask an expert for guidance, counsel and a bit of hand-holding? An educational consultant can help parents and students sift through the jargon and separate the wheat from the chaff, saving both parties time, money and anxiety.

“ The Best way to predict your future is to create it. ”
Abraham Lincoln
“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ”
Nelson Mandela
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In this day and age, there is an overload of online information and very little human support and interaction. Finding the right program and the right college or university is confusing. Some new programs leave the parents bewildered and they might resist their child’s choice, even if it might be the best one. Hiring a counsellor who has all the information and the expertise to narrow it down is a safe way to navigate the unknown. While schools today employ dedicated counselors to help students with their application processes, they do not have time to give students the badly needed one-on-one attention.


With the wealth of information available, searching for a right-fit university can become very complicated and time-consuming, often resulting in wide rabbit holes and “analysis paralysis.” An IEC can help a student apply to the right programs in the right college or university. With universities becoming increasingly selective and fees getting increasingly higher, an IEC can help parents and students determine whether a certain course is worth the investment.


The application process can be stressful and deadlines can overwhelm both the busy parent and the inexperienced student. This is often a difficult time for families as all the parties involved grapple with their fears and emotions. Rather than making the process fraught with tension, an IEC can help calm the waters by giving an unbiased opinion and practical solutions. An experienced third party removes the stress during this exciting transition.


Students today have a wide choice when it comes to higher education, due to their exposure to various cultures and languages, and it becomes even harder for them to choose the right major. Yet, the right pathway will determine the success of their university experience and their future career. Many parents would probably wish for their children to attend certain universities or study certain courses with the misconception that it gives the student a starting boost in their career, but in the end, education is what we make of it. The wrong course or the wrong university can derail a child rather than help them, not to mention waste time and money. An “elite” university is not always the best choice for a particular student and what may seem as the “right” course is not always so, either. An independent educational consultant can help parents and students make the better choices for them and them alone.


Parents are busy with their own work schedule, students are immersed in their schoolwork. An independent Education Consultant (IEC) has a repository of information regarding universities that saves students and parents plenty of time and allows them to focus on what truly matters what they are looking for in a university experience. An IEC can help families narrow choices in a fraction of the time.

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